Test Drive Mercedes-Benz A-Class in urban mode

09-июл, 12;27 admin 11 530
In our review of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class with the marking W177, which has a youthful appearance and an affordable price. The new hatchback has a controversial appearance with a dull front, but the beveled headlights add some aggressiveness. However, appearance is a matter of taste, let's move on to the interior and the engine compartment.

The dashboard is equipped with digital sensors standard for the entire A-Class. The decoration and layout of the controls does not cause rejection and secondary effects. Especially pleasing is the abundance of electronics and the impressive Touch-Pad display with the displayed information.

The gearbox is a 7-speed robotic, but the engine equipment depends on the chosen modification. For the urban regime, the standard model without turbocharging is enough. 163 horsepower is enough for a pleasant accelerating dynamics and smoothness.

As for the suspension, it is made in a sports manner with sufficient rigidity. From this, information content increases, but passenger comfort decreases. You can choose from 4 configuration options with different clearance levels, but this does not save the situation.

In general, the car is for a youth audience and copes well with transportation in urban mode.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/