Test Drive Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML350) in off-road conditions

09-июл, 14;06 admin 11 354
On the review of the Mercedes-Benz M-class marked ML350, which at one time positioned itself as an off-road car with enhanced protection of the engine compartment and a reinforced underbody. Is this really so, we will find out during testing.

We must pay tribute to the configuration of the ML350, which includes a center differential lock, a 2-stage "razdatka" and other features of a typical SUV. Airmatic suspension can increase ground clearance from 20 to 29 centimeters, and the front overhang rises to 32 degrees, increasing the angle of entry.

But we are interested, of course, in the engine. Under the hood, a V6 with a volume of 3 liters and a power of 272 hp. The torque is 350 Nm. This is where doubts about the omnivorous ML350 about the quality of the road surface begin.

No, the car passes the forest belt and small rises with moist soil. You can’t refuse him this. But it is worth finding a steep hill, and the engine begins to rest against a ceiling of power. The 7-speed gearbox with a "robot" also contributes, which shows itself perfectly in city mode, but frankly is not suitable for off-road. As a result, the Mercedes-Benz M-class is a great car for the city and simple walks on rough terrain. No more.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/