Mercedes and BMW will not use common autopilot

10-июл, 12;42 admin 11 430
Along with electric cars, autopilot cars are today a universal trend of manufacturers. The largest concerns collaborate in the development of software and autopilot systems to make the product as safe and reliable as possible. However, German companies Mercedes and BMW, on the contrary, announced the termination of business relations.
The statement was accompanied by a list of reasons that led to a mutual decision by the leadership of the automakers. Among them, the most significant were recognized: difficult economic conditions (in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic) and high costs for the development and support of a common platform, which creates more production costs.

The project employed about 1,200 employees of both companies, and the final product was scheduled for release in 2024. Of course, there is no talk of a complete cessation of work on the autopilot system. Both BMW and Mercedes-Benz will continue to develop technology, but each on their own.
The current state of the autopilot system has the fourth classification level, which means autonomous operation in most cases. Of course, the achieved results will be used by engineers in further developments.