Mercedes-Benz Center - the holy of holies of any fan of a legendary company

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Mercedes-Benz is a huge company with a long history and rich experience in car manufacturing. The birthplace of the brand is the city of Stuttgart, which is located in Germany, where the main headquarters of the concern is based - the Mercedes-Benz Center. Any fan of this legendary car factory wants to get there.
The Mercedes-Benz Center consists of a whole complex of buildings, the most interesting of which is the Mercedes Museum. Also located here are the managing office centers of the company and the huge football stadium Mercedes-Benz Arena.

The design of some buildings located in the center was developed by the famous company UNStudio. The structure in the form of a DNA molecule, 47 meters high, is especially known.

The first Mercedes-Benz Museum was opened in 1936. After 25 years, its exposition expanded significantly, and the museum moved to a new building. The collection contains rare exhibits of the concept of cars and historical factory equipment, with the help of which the assembly of cars took place in the past decades.
Due to its interesting architecture, the museum received the prestigious Hugo Garing Prize in 2009. His visit is open to all comers!