Mercedes-AMG A 45 hatchback test drive and general review

10-июл, 12;41 admin 11 500
Athletic, cheeky and vibrant. It is such epithets that come to mind when looking at a beautiful car from AMG - Mercedes-AMG A 45. Excellent design, impressive filling and excellent dynamics allow us to make a conclusion - the modification was a success!
Under a small hood, a 2-liter turbocharged engine awaits us, which is capable of developing an amazing power of 387 hp. AMG engineers again managed to create a miracle, and even shove it into a small engine compartment, sacrificed to the design.

Due to the rapid silhouette of the body, the layout of the engine turned around 180 degrees. This, in turn, affected the temperature, which is why a large area of the front part is occupied by heat sink tubes.

Inside the cabin, we are waiting for armchairs in the form of a bucket and a sports steering wheel covered in suede. The seats are as rigid as possible with careful support for the hips and back. Like it or not, this car is designed for speed, not comfort!
Now for the driving dynamics. The car is extremely stable and showed excellent performance during drift races. Acceleration to hundreds takes 3.9 seconds, which is very impressive! Management is beyond praise, and the braking system works like a well-functioning Swiss watch!