The updated Mercedes-AMG E 63 was introduced, including the S version.

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Restyling Mercedes-AMG E 63 sedan and station wagon was presented to the public. The tendency to increase the width of the car and the wealth of the passenger compartment can be traced with the naked eye. It should be noted that the updated design looks very successful, and this is confirmed by many experts.
Now the Mercedes-AMG E 63 will have LED optics and new multimedia screens in the cabin with a diagonal of 10.25 or 12.3 inches. Also redesigned discs, which were increased from 19 to 20 inches. The width of the body also grew. In general, these innovations make the car a little more brutal and massive.

As for the engine, then everything is still there. Biturbo 4-liter V8, capable of producing 612 hp and 850Nm of torque, pulls the car in any conditions. To hundreds, the E 63 accelerates in just 3.5 seconds.
Four-wheel drive, various driving modes including "drift" and an electronically controlled rear axle unit make driving this car a real holiday.
Prices for a restyled version of the E 63 have not yet been announced. Sales are expected to begin in 2020. The closest competitor to the supercar is the BMW M5, the price of which is already known. What kind of car the consumer chooses - time will tell.