There was information about the new Mercedes-Benz GLC with photos

10-июл, 12;38 admin 11 411
The camouflaged model of the new Mercedes-Benz GLC still looks quite impressive. The upcoming new product from the concern has not lost the charm of past generations and added new modern outlines to them.
The first Mercedes-Benz GLC (X253) was presented to the public back in 2015. Later there was an updated model of the GLC Coupe. Last year, both models received scheduled updates, and now the first photos of the all-new restyling of the Mercedes-Benz GLC became available.

It can be seen that the car was guided in design not only by its direct predecessors, but also by GLE and GLS. Mirrors on legs instead of racks, lowered door handles, an enlarged rear overhang and a new form of optics make the model very interesting and at the same time recognizable.

As a new generation GLC platform, MRA (Modular Rear Architecture), which is also used by the C-class, was chosen. There is no reliable information on the power plant and speed characteristics of the model, however, we can assume that the dynamics of the car will be comparable to the mentioned GLE and GLS.
In general, the car looks interesting and attractive, so it will find its consumer without problems!