Companies involved in tuning cars of Mercedes-Benz

09-июл, 12;29 admin 11 488
Mercedes-Benz cars are good on their own, but no matter how high-quality the new models coming off the assembly line, there will always be demanding customers who will not have much equipment offered by the manufacturer. Fortunately, there are third-party companies that are engaged in tuning cars from Mercedes.

The most popular ones include:

• AMG is an official tuning company based on Mercedes-Benz. The company specializes in powerful modifications and deep modifications of cars. The main subject of tuning is the engines, which are assembled manually in AMG with the mandatory signature of the responsible engineer;
• Brabus - a tuning studio from Germany, which also works with the Mercedes-Benz brand, as well as Maybach and Smart cars;
• Carlsson Autotechnik - one of the world's leading companies, the main direction of which is styling and improved design for individual customer orders;
• RENNtech is an American company based in Florida and is working on refining not only Mercedes, but also other brands. Opened by immigrants from the official AMG.

If you want to buy a Mercedes with modifications, you should definitely take a closer look at these companies!