The confrontation between Mercedes-Benz and BMW for the US market is gaining momentum

09-июл, 12;25 admin 1192
Well-known European car manufacturers Mercedes-Benz and BMW are in fierce competition for leadership in the United States market. Sales in the tidbits of the global market haunt the leaders of both companies, and direct confrontation entails massive costs.

The confrontation of auto giants began at the end of last year. Apparently the annual summary sales reports played a role, which spurred the players' interest in mass expansion. Despite the leadership of Mercedes-Benz throughout 2019, in the last quarter the Bavarian manufacturer managed to outperform its competitor.

However, already in the first quarter of this year, Mercedes returned the palm with 67,746 cars sold, while the BMW auto giant managed to sell just 59,455. The second quarter also ended with the leadership of Mercedes-Benz, but the gap began to narrow.

Interestingly, Nissan ranks third in US car sales. A significant contribution is made by its Leaf electric car, which is sold well both in native Japan and overseas. Fourth place went to Tesla Motors. As you can see, the electrification of the automotive industry is developing at a tremendous pace!