A new motor home from Mercedes-Benz was presented in Dusseldorf

09-июл, 12;31 admin 1612
The car dealership recently held in Düsseldorf was pleasantly surprised by the novelty from Mercedes-Benz. It's about the Swanky Harmony 3 mobile home, representing the height of design and German sophistication. Why did this brilliant wagon attract the maximum attention of visitors?

Everything is quite simple. If the camper from Mercedes-Benz looks pretty standard outside, then once inside it is difficult to get rid of the impression of real home comfort. Many visitors expressed the opinion that they simply cannot believe that all this decoration is just a motor home!

The kitchen with a cutting table made of natural marble, equipped with the latest technical stuffing, shines with a licked interior and a bunch of thoughtful little things. The functional space is divided into zones, as in the best interiors from modern designers, and pleases the eye with carefully selected fittings and accessories.

All benefits, including a bathroom and shower, are available in a spacious design that does not constrain residents. In general, the impression is of a real apartment, not a mobile camper. "Harmony 3" fully lives up to its name, and deservedly gets the status of the best motor home from Mercedes-Benz!http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/