Pre-Owned Mercedes Cars from Reliable Sellers – A Possible Dream!

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In case you've decided to purchase a pre-owned Mercedes, you, like other buyers of used cars, probably worry about the quality of your "new" car and have reasonable doubts about the reliability of the seller. How can I make sure that a used Mercedes from a private trader is not assembled from several broken bodies, has not been under water for a long time, or has not received serious damage in any other way? Besides, how can I trust the reputation of the seller, if so many stories about fraudulent transactions are out there? In the worst case scenario, the buyer finds a used Mercedes on a foreign site, which is deleted immediately after making a payment, and the seller disappears from the surface of the planet, and the phone number is no longer available.

In this article we will tell you more about how used Mercedes cars are sold in Latvia and how you can increase your chances of buying a top quality used car in cooperation with the innovative classifieds portal recommends this classifieds portal as the safest classifieds platform for buying a pre-owned Mercedes. There has long been a need for a classifieds portal, an alternative to the already existing advertisement websites, which would offer more modern features and higher safety standards when buying used cars. At last, this wish has finally come true. – portal for business advertisements

Unlike other advertising portals in Latvia, offers more advanced features. This classifieds portal has risen from the level of simple basic functions to the level of a business platform. This took place thanks to the initiative of the authors of the local portal to promote transparency in the purchase of used Mercedes cars and other car brands in order to eradicate fraudulent car sales in Latvia. Creators of the portal provide this through the feedback system and through personal profiles of all the sellers.

Every used Mercedes seller, whether the seller is a private individual, a micro-enterprise or a limited liability company, has its own mini page or profile on the said portal. This site or mini webpage is very similar in structure to social media profiles. Users can find this site by entering the name and surname of an individual or the name of a company in a search engine. Also, next to each ad, a link to the seller's website is added. This mini home page displays a profile picture and a background image, as well as 5 sections of the home page: contacts, reviews, announcements, news and section "About us".

In the contacts section, you can add links to other websites such as your Facebook profile, Linkedin, Pinterest or Instagram. This allows buyers to provide additional identification, allowing them to learn more about the seller on other platforms as well. Among other things, it provides access to an even wider database of reviews.

Reviews give us the best metrics

The reviews and feedback that users post about used Mercedes on the seller's own website are not always reliable. Fraudulent dealers also post a series of testimonials – success stories – about buying used Mercedes vehicles on their websites. It should be noted that these reviews may have been published by the sellers themselves in order to mislead buyers and convince them to buy a used Mercedes only on that specific site.

Therefore, it is safest to view reviews of used Mercedes sellers on neutral and official business sites, such as, where posting of reviews is technically possible only for registered users of the portal. Genuine reviews make it possible to verify honesty of the seller. They also open a platform for discussion after buying a used Mercedes, for example, if the buyer is not satisfied with the deal. In this way, a dissatisfied buyer has the opportunity to express their disappointment, as well as warn other buyers about the unfair practices of selling used cars.

At the ad portal, sellers can also be winners!

Using the portal to buy or sell a used Mercedes is beneficial for both parties involved in the transaction, including the sellers. They also have the option to leave feedback on a buyer's profile, sharing their experience about a specific buyer.

This is especially true when renting a used Mercedes. If the used car lessee has handled the car negligently during the specified car rental period and handed it over to the seller, for example, in a dirty or seriously damaged condition, this may cause other car rental companies to refuse to rent a car to the specified person in the future. Thus, the seller can avoid serious losses.

After the transaction, both parties have the opportunity to evaluate their satisfaction with the transaction on a 5-point scale. In the event that a buyer has arrived to inspection of a car in a state of intoxication, or he behaved rudely or damaged the car during the test drive, without reimbursing it afterwards, the seller has the opportunity to warn other sellers about this unpleasant experience. Therefore, getting to know the reviews before viewing a used Mercedes is also important for the seller in order to protect themselves from such cases.

No to car purchases without preliminary diagnostics

Finally, in order to be sure of the technical condition of a used Mercedes, just a test drive and a visual inspection of the car are not enough. Moreover, the seller himself is not always aware of the true condition of the car, often greatly overestimating it.

An honest seller is always open for a visit to a car service or repair shop, during which a professional car mechanic diagnoses the respective pre-owned Mercedes. During this inspection, a specialist connects the car to a computer scanner, and with the help of a certain program, information about the existing damage to the car can be obtained. This inspection not only allows us to identify the existing problems with the car, but also allows to predict how long the specific used Mercedes will still adequately serve its new owner. If the seller categorically refuses to diagnose the car, it is best for the buyer to refuse to buy such a car, as this is a clear sign of the seller's efforts to hide significant defects in the car.

When buying a used Mercedes from abroad, this inspection is no less important. When driving on the bumpy country roads of Latvia, a seemingly minor car breakdown can turn into a serious problem that can cost a new buyer a significant amount of money. In order to avoid additional unexpected costs, a used Mercedes must be checked by a service technician before purchase. Although such a check requires additional investments, thanks to it, it is possible to avoid much greater financial losses in the future.

Open the portal – and your eyes along with it!

Using reliable and professional advertising platforms like, buyers and sellers can get a much more objective assessment and be sure of the identity of the other party even before the transaction. For a large number of private sellers, selling used Mercedes is a profitable business, but not all sellers work in good faith. Others sell badly damaged cars that break down after the first corner.

Since has a feedback section in the profile of each seller, it is not a portal for scammers who want to hide such unpleasant sales stories, so that in the future negative reviews would prevent them from continuing their dishonest car sales practices. Thanks to the reviews, the chances of buying a used Mercedes in good condition on are significantly higher than on competing classifieds portals.

If you browse through classifieds portals in your spare time to find the Mercedes of your dreams, next time we recommend visiting – the place that opens your eyes by giving you the opportunity to get more information about car dealers. In addition, car dealers also appreciate the financially gainful policy of the portal – posting ads on is free. also offers more sophisticated marketing tools such as car advertising in the form of gifts, auctions or promotions. The same functions on other sites are even 70% more expensive, whereas provides more favourable conditions for advertising. Therefore, this portal is attractive not only from a security point of view, but also from the financial point of view.