5 amazing Mercedes-Benz models that are not talked about

09-июл, 12;40 admin 1555
Mercedes-Benz has been working in the automotive market for more than a dozen years, and managed to be remembered both as legendary models and frankly walk-through cars, which, surprisingly, were not so many. But few people know about these 5 models of the legendary car concern!

1. Mercedes-Benz LP333 or truck chariot. Got its name thanks to the reinforced wheelbase. The car's carrying capacity is 16 tons, and it was produced until 1961. In total, 1833 cars left the assembly line.
2. Mercedes-Benz 600 Coupe (W100). A prestigious limousine of the 60s with smooth lines and a massive bumper. By modern standards, the car looks a bit archaic, although it has not lost its charm.
3. Mercedes-Benz Nürburg 460 K Pullman. The first ever Mercedes-Benz armored car. It was created in 1931 for representative persons and was actively used until the end of the 50s.
4. Mercedes-Benz 150 Sport Saloon / Roadster (W30). A racing car capable of accelerating to 130 km / h. A modest 1.5-liter engine with 54 hp gave out significant power for that time.
5. Mercedes-Benz 170 VL (W139). Mercedes's attempt to develop a universal off-road car for the army. Unfortunately completely failed.