Test Drive Mercedes V-Class in Russian winter

10-июл, 12;35 admin 11 702
Mercedes Viano is an indispensable assistant to residents of the private sector, which accounted for the bulk of the sales of this van. He was replaced by a Mercedes V-class with models V 200 CDI and V 250 CDI BlueTec. We will talk about how family minibuses from a German manufacturer have changed in this review.
Of course, the design of the van was changed, which became more smooth and modern. Volumetric headlights, a radiator grill and an elongated front part create a good appearance that matches the current fashion, but does not cause any enthusiasm.

However, the appearance for the van is not important. We turn to the salon, where we are waiting for quite spacious seats and high ceilings. To place a small family for long-distance road trips is not difficult. However, the comfort of cars here does not smell, and the landing feels like frankly bus - vertical.

The door of the compartment and the spacious luggage compartment are the pluses of the car, but the driver's seat could be modified. There are no special complaints about the quality of plastic, but the location of the buttons and the frankly weak dashboard suggest thoughts about cheaper models at the expense of the driver.
In general, the Mercedes V-class is a worthy receiver of the classic Viano, which is suitable for family walks in the country, but nothing more.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/